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"By reducing labor requirements alone, staff members treated 20 per cent more patients without an increase in personnel or a reduction in quality. In the U.S. healthcare system, this translates into $100,000 per bed a year in savings."

McKinsey & Company

Reforming Hospitals with IT Investments, August 2010

Datail-by-detail, we've built a system that

Ortech’s healthcare informatics system is built, tested and approved by leaders in the practice of medicine and medical research. The result is effortless, seamless capture, protection, integration and use of healthcare data by a system that “thinks” the way you do.

In registry, multi-site trial, and clinic flow management, Ortech puts everything from broad-spectrum hardware compatibility and advanced web-based data management processes to best practices in security and healthcare policy administration into play. The result is a system that knows what needs to be automated, what needs to be integrated and what needs to be cross-referenced and checked.

By knowing both the twists and turns your day can take, and the professional and policy details required of your commitment to the practice of healthcare, the Ortech system lifts the burden of bureaucratic details, not only to save you money – but to liberate you to spend more time with more patients.

We see it as our place in the system. By optimizing the practice of healthcare informatics we empower healthcare professionals to optimize patient care.

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